TWASOL (The Art of digital Communication)

TWASOL Is an integrated digital telephone system Provides three main fully featured telephony applications: IP PBX , Call center management and Advanced IVR with a fraction of the cost of other digital telephone systems.

Using this system you can build an advanced IP PBX with less than the cost of regular PBX, the system also can link all company branches whether local or anywhere in the world with a unified PBX in addition to the possibility of receiving and making phone calls from your mobile phone as if you are using your desk phone, and many Other advantages.

Product Features
• IVR and call forwarding
• Voice mail
• FaxToMail
• The use of a mobile phone at any place as an alternative to the office phone
• The system can deal with all types of handsets, whether regular phone sets Analog phone or devices that operate using the Internet Protocol property IP Phone or Phone software on a personal computer or mobile phone.
• Audio Video Conferences
• Easily administration Web interface
• Record incoming and outgoing
• Caller ID
• Follow Me
• The system offers a wide range of reports that allow the owner of the company monitor communications within his company

TWASOL Call Center
TWASOL Call Center system provides a complete IT digital infrastructure necessary for the operation and management of call centers, whether a local or a global call center, and whether it contains tens or even hundreds of call center agents.

Product Features
• Unlimited Queues
• Music on Hold
• Announce Position
• Wrap up Time
• Call Transfer
• Call recording
• Ring Strategies
• Max Caller per queue
• Max caller waiting time
• Automated Outbound Calls

The system answers the customer's phone call and provides them with the required information.
This system saves a lot of time and effort of customer service staff to respond to their inquiries, both general inquiries and/or questions regarding customers information from the customer service database 24X7
It also provides the client contact one of the employees or to attend in person to inquire about the information required, where the system will respond to the caller and provide him with the information required by telephone 24 hours a day.

Product Features
• The ability to respond to a large number of phone calls at the same time
• Accurate and fast in responding to inquiries.
• Saves time and effort employees of the company and customers
• Gives a good impression with customers and increase their satisfaction.
• Multilingual
• The system provides many detailed reports and statistics about the performance of the service system
• Many other features that can be added to the system

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