Email Tracking
  • The E-mail Tracking system keeps track of e-mails response time to maintain the level of service and to early detect any response time deviation with real time alerts and escalation.
  • The e-mail tracking system keeps both managers and staff members fully aware of the time frame required and remaining to respond to each received e-mail based on the e-mail account receiving the e-mail and/or the tag specified in the e-mail subject.
  • Through the system screen each employee can monitor his e-mails and be fully aware of how much time is remaining for him to reply each e-mail.
  • For managers the system provides them a fully authorized e-mail tracking screen to track his staff e-mails. The screen shows all e-mails with its available time frame to be replied and also highlights the e-mails that overcome the valid time frame.
  • The system also provides a set of reports to assess the overall performance of e-mail responding at the organization level in general and to be used as a KPI for each employee in particular.
  • Through the system administration screens the system administrator can easily maintain the system online with minimal effort.
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