Takaful (Social solidarity funds system)
Takaful is a complete, cross platform and fully featured management information system that adapts to the workflows and processes of any solidarity fund. Primarily, Takaful designed to show the decision makers the whole picture of the balance at any angle, at any time through its powerful reporting module. Takaful supplies essential and accurate reports to actuarial study. Takaful contain more than 60 detailed and summarized reports. Takaful commonly incorporates various essential features which help to run smoothly the regular day to day basis operations and automates your processes, so your business can get further and faster. From the end users perspective, it is characterized by being very…very easy learn and configure. Accounting module shows real-time, synchronized balance of the fund that’s identical to the banks. Check printing is another exceptional module that saves a lot of time by facilitating checks printing, Takaful has many features that makes the process flow more powerful in monitoring, controlling and reporting.
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